Mindset – The Right Approach to Trading

Course Description Mindset An introduction to the forma mentis (Latin for, “way of thinking”) that aspiring systematic traders should develop. Some key concepts you’re going to learn: psychological mechanisms in discretionary and systematic trading; the crucial role of the operating plan; how to defend yourself from most common psychological pitfalls: euphoria, discomfort and the Dunning-Kruger…

The Unger Method

Here you will find extra content related to your purchase of the book “ The Unger Method. The Winning Strategy of the 4-time World Trading Champion“.

M5: The Science of Position Sizing

Course Description One Year Target – Module 5: The Science of Position Sizing How to Identify the Proper Position Sizing Model to Boost your Trading Systems Performance. Key concepts covered include: What are the most profitable money management techniques How to quantify the capital to invest How to run Montecarlo simulations