• 40 Lessons

    👑 Cracking Volatility (EN)

    Course Description Take advantage of persistent trends with all the instruments based on volatility. Key concepts covered include: What is volatility? How to take advantage of volatility in Trading Systems Strategies and examples
  • 47 Lessons

    👑 Crypto Journey

    Course Description Crypto How to properly navigate the world of cryptocurrencies KEY CONCEPTS COVERED INCLUDE: Cryptocurrency basics: definition and how they work, mining, wallets, crypto transfers, taxation, and more Crypto trading: where to trade them, a comparison with traditional markets, major exchanges, futures, and options MultiCharts and Binance: how to interface your Binance account with…
  • 66 Lessons

    👑 Iron Shark (EN)

    Course Description Discover how systematic trading can be applied to Options! Key concepts covered include: Option Basics Options and Trading Systems Black-Swan proof strategy