Here are the contents of the training:

  • Resources: Useful materials and tools for studying
  • Financial markets evolution: Evolution of the financial markets from its origins
  • What online Trading is: Notions about what online trading is
  • Main financial markets and tools to operate on the Stock Exchange: In-depth analysis of the main markets and financial instruments
  • Technical analysis: Main concepts of the technical analysis
  • Trading approaches: Differences between discretionary and systematic
  • Long/Short Trading: Analysis of the different types of orders and an introduction to scalping
  • Seasonalities: Analysis of the different types of seasonality
  • Operational costs: An insight into the operating costs
  • How to choose a broker: Assessments before choosing the broker
  • Monetary policy: Introduction to monetary policy and its effects on financial markets
  • Trading platforms: Analysis of the main platforms used in systematic trading and related costs
  • Risk management: Introduction to position sizing
  • Performance index identification: Main characteristic of performance report
  • Introduction to Trading Systems: Basic information about the overfitting phenomenon
  • Next steps: What are the next steps in your trading journey?

By completing this training, you will know how financial markets really work.