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    Welcome to Iron Shark
  2. Purpose
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Trainers
  5. How to get your certificate
    Slides & Updates
  7. Forum
    Welcome to Options for Beginners
  9. Introduction to Derivatives
  10. Call Options
  11. Put Options
  12. Buyers vs Writers
  13. Dynamics of Option Prices
  14. Value at Maturity vs Value at Now
  15. Variables Affecting Options Prices
  16. Marking to Market on Options
  17. Systematic and Automatic Option Trading
  18. Upper Limits of Calls and Puts Prices
  19. Lower Limits of Options Prices
  20. Put-Call Parity
  21. Basic Statistical Concepts
  22. Volatility
  23. Some Complications with B&S
  24. Introduction to Greek Letters
  25. The Delta of an Option
  26. The Gamma of an Option
  27. The Theta of an Option
  28. The Vega of an Option
  29. The Rho of an Option
  30. Portfolio Greeks
  31. Introduction to Option Strategies
  32. Long Call or Long Put
  33. Short Call, Short Put, Long Stock, Covered Call Writing
  34. Long Straddles and Strangles
  35. Short Straddles and Strangles
  36. Iron Condors and Iron Butterflies
  37. Calendar and Diagonal Spreads
  38. Ratio Spreads and Backspreads
  39. Some Final Notes About Volatility
  40. Thank You
  41. The Theory
  42. Volatility Indexes
  43. Volatility Indexes and Term Structure
  44. Implied Volatility vs Time
  45. IV Term Structure and Weighted Vega
  46. Volatility Skew
  47. Volatility Surface
  48. Monitoring Implied Volatility
  49. Time Decay
  50. The IRON SHARK Strategy
    Delta Neutral Strategies
  51. The Iron Shark Strategy
  52. The Playing Field
  53. Evolution with Respect to Underlying
  54. Evolution at the Passage of Time
  55. Evolution with Respect to Volatility
  56. Entry Setup and Management
  57. Adjustments
  58. Margin
  59. Operational Aspects
  60. Iron Shark During Market Crashes
  61. Backtests
  62. ADD-ONS
    When Not to Trade Iron Shark
  63. SPX and Emini SP500 Options Specifications
  64. Exercise on the Strategy
  65. ONE Platform Overview
  66. How to Build the Strategy with IB TWS
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Table of Contents

Here are the contents of the training:

  • Resources: Useful materials and tools for studying
  • Bonus – Options for beginners: Option basics
  • The Theory: Options and trading systems
  • The Iron Shark Strategy: Black-swan proof strategy
  • Add-ons: Extra content and tutorial on the platform
  • Next steps: What are the next steps in your trading journey?

By completing this training and its assignments, you will know how to work directly on options and how to independently evaluate a strategy using a backtesting software.