Unger Personal Database EN

The Unger Personal Database is a collection of approximately 160 strategies selected from Andrea Unger’s personal portfolio, which are among the most high-performing and time-tested. These strategies have been in the market for many years. Most of them were coded between 2015 and 2018, but some date back to earlier years. The Database offers a…

🎩 Unger Strategy Club EN

The Unger Strategy Club is the exclusive training program dedicated to students who want to take their trading to the next level. As a club member, you have access to valuable resources and content designed to direct you towards the best competitive advantages. Every month, you can participate in a Live Masterclass where our coaches…

Titan (EN)

Course Description Titan is a software that allows you to choose the best strategies to add to your portfolio. Moreover, it tells you how many contracts you should trade with each strategy based on your capital and your risk level.

👑 Strategy Checker (EN)

Course Description Strategy Checker Strategy Checker is an advanced software for monitoring Systematic Trading activities carried out through the MultiCharts platform. This software is dedicated to those who operate with more than 10 live strategies simultaneously.

Validator (EN)

Course Description The Validator is a tool able to post-process the trading system, to validate and evaluate the choices made during its creation and optimization.

👑 Composer (EN)

Description Composer Composer is a tool that lets you to automatically generate the codes of the strategies explained in the training program. This software also contains a collection of the scripts analyzed in the lessons and allows you to quickly find the chapters where they are explained.

Bias Finder (EN)

Course Description Bias Finder Software that allows studying recurring market behaviors (BIAS) automatically.

👑 Crypto Journey

Course Description Crypto How to properly navigate the world of cryptocurrencies KEY CONCEPTS COVERED INCLUDE: Cryptocurrency basics: definition and how they work, mining, wallets, crypto transfers, taxation, and more Crypto trading: where to trade them, a comparison with traditional markets, major exchanges, futures, and options MultiCharts and Binance: how to interface your Binance account with…